BIG-nummer: 39053991201

Gynecologist Vera Haitsma completed her studies in Medicine at the Free University of Brussels. After graduation she worked at our neighbors, Ikazia hospital in Rotterdam. She specialized in outpatient treatment methods there for thirteen years, and then worked as a gynecologist at Havenziekenhuis in Rotterdam. In addition to her work as a gynecologist, she currently teaches at the Erasmus MC Care Academy.

Since some gynecological symptoms correspond to some complaints that occur with B12 deficiency, it is good to have her and her expertise on our team. Pregnant women or women who want to become pregnant but suffer from a B12 deficiency can of course contact her.

Vera Haitsma is a great asset to our team because of her gynecological knowledge. In turn, she is given the opportunity to provide care as she desires: looking at the whole person, with time and attention, charting the medical history and providing individualized care.