BIG-nummer: 39054277501

AGB-Code: 03073106

Satianand Benimadho

Dr. Benimadho

Dr. Benimadho has a seventeen year long experience as a broadly trained internist. Apart from his interest in the entire scope of Internal medicine, he is particularly fascinated by patients with diabetes and B12 deficiency. Benimadho has seen a lot of patients with B12 deficiency during his career in medicine, now as a member of the B12 Institute team.

We are happy that he is part of our team. B12 Institute will enable him to help patients more effectively. He notices that knowledge of the disease is disappearing, and the consequences and symptoms are underestimated.

Because of his broad knowledge of internal medicine, Dr. Benimadho will remain focused on other underlying disorders and diseases, tying in to the entire B12 Institute team views. We look at man as a whole. Sometimes B12 deficiency is not the main issue, but the result of a different disease.