Although a number of medical practitioners administer oral supplementation our view is that the effect of this supplementation has not been scientifically established. The fact is that nearly all research into the effect of oral suplementation is hardly or not at all related to patients’ symptomologies. Often this research only looks at whether blood levels of B12 have sufficiently gone up. And it’s exactly blood levels that are meaningless after supplementation, also according to the guidelines issued by the Dutch College of General Practitioners (NHG): ‘We consider testing B12 serum values after supplementation not meaningful’. So far there has been no direct comparable research  into the effect of injections and tablets on the improvement of the symptoms. Moreover, B12 tablets have not been scientifically validated, which we think is a major concern. Please read our reaction to the NHG position on this.

Doctors at the B12 Institute have seen and treated a large number of patients with B12 deficiency and are in direct contact with thousands of others through patients’ forums.  We have seen that (melting) tablets sometimes are effective, but not on the long term or when symptoms are really serious (especially when complaints are of a neurological and mental nature).

Research and our own clinical experience show that hydroxocobalamine injections i.m. are the most superior treatment of B12 deficiency, especially when there are complaints of a neurological or mental nature. That is why it has been the Golden standard for B12 deficiency. This treatment enables the conversion to methylcobalamin and adonesylcobalamine. Moreover, because of its intricate molecular structure, hydroxocobalamin removes (cyanide) toxins. B12 Institute NL consults regularly with Swedish specialists and researchers. They work together with psychiatrists and neurologists, and do not prescribe tablets when there are evident symptoms of B12 deficiency.   

So please, do not let yourself be persuaded by hearing a few positive personal stories. In our expertise and treatment centre we never take the risk of insufficient commitment to your treatment. Your recovery is too important. 

There are stories of problems some people may have with methylation. The numbers in these stories do not add up and the suggestion that methylcobalamin tablets facilitate an active ‘conversion’ of B12 is not scientifically underpinned. We consider these stories as sales tricks by active B12 tablet producers. We have seen that some patients who injected methylcobalamin for a longer periode of time improve better and become stronger because of hydroxocobalamine injections. The methylation process in particular involves other factors, such as folate levels of the patient. Other underlying factors which cause lasting complaints are: thyroid disorders, Lyme disease, copper deficiency or oversupplementation of vitamin B6, leading to symptoms that are similar to B12 deficiency symptoms. Unfortunately, recovery from deficiency with significant symptoms takes time and patience.

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