BIG-nummer: 69014270181

Petra van Houten is one of the first graduates of the Physician Assistant Master’s program of which she is now a Board member. She worked as a PA at the Neurology department of several UMC’s, e.g. Rotterdam Erasmus MC and Utrecht UMC. She gathered a lot of experience there.

Physician Assistant is a relatively new profession. It includes running or monitoring, under supervision, our Internal Medicine department outpatient clinic. When our internists have to deal with full waiting rooms, she can do intake interviews and write prescriptions. In 2018 she registered in the Dutch BIG-register, making a long cherished wish become reality.

Petra is fascinated by B12 issues. At B12 Institute she recognizes some of the symptoms of patients she saw at the Neurology department. She hopes to be able to contribute to improving B12 deficiency diagnosis and treatment. Apart from that, she really likes being a member of our team.