from July 21 2020

B12 deficiency has a serious course if the diagnosis and treatment are not properly addressed. We are therefore pleased that the care for our patients (including new ones) continues as usual.

We also urgently advise you to contact us in case of serious or obvious complaints as a result of a (suspected) B12 deficiency. Please, do not delay your consultation. Urgent cases always come first. If you have a cold and are therefore expected to stay home, we can do a video consultation. This is also possible at the intake. We are happy with that.

A strict protocol regarding the prevention of the spread of the Coronavirus has been in force at the B12 Institute since the beginning of March 2020 and has been further tightened. What does this mean for you:

  • Intake:
    • live-consultation: please take your mouth mask with you because of the risk of infections.
    • via video calling: you no longer have to visit us in person. We may be able to catch up on this ‘live’ in the near future.
    • possibly by telephone, if video calling has an annoying delay.
  •  Repeat consultations for our registered patients: 
    • physically present
    • by telephone or, if desired, by video calling when you have a cold and therefore have to stay home.
  • Laboratory Provisions:  
    • when physically present: simply at STAR laboratory, across the street from us.
    • or we will send you a form with which you can have your blood tested in your area.
    • both the results and the bill go to B12 Institute. 
  • Our doctor’s assistant wears personal protective equipment when instructing patients how to inject themselves. Self injecting makes you independent of anyone. From the start of your treatment, we urge you to learn how to place the injection yourself. Almost all of our patients inject independently, or with the help of a partner or friend who is competent. Home care also helps. If you like, we can also offer remote assistance through video calling (not for the very first injection, you have to come here for that).
  • If patients visit the B12 Institute for consultation, RIVM guidelines and national government measures are complied with.

Thank you for your understanding and strength in these weird times. Stay safe!


B12 Institute Team