In 2020, B12 Institute invoices will be compensated for non-contracted healthcare, depending on your policy by all health insurance companies, as before.

B12 Institute is a licensed independent Health Care facility (Admission of Health Care institutions Act license – WTZi, Wet Toelating Zorginstelling) registered on CIGB for providing specialized medical care. Healthcare provided by our specialists is covered by basic healthcare insurance policies, as laid down by Zorg Instituut Nederland (Healthcare Institute Nederland): diagnosing and ruling out Pernicious Anemia/Addison-Biermer disease.

Compensations in 2020

We haven’t signed any contracts with health insurance companies, but since you have the legal right to choose your own doctor, your invoices will be compensated in  accordance with your health insurance policy.

The amount of compensation is set for non-contracted care providers. We have worked in this way since 2017 and will continue doing so in 2020. Please note that your deductible applies for any compensations claimed, as is the case for the care provided by other clinics or hospitals.

A contracted care policy (naturapolis) will reimburse about 75%, a non-contracted care policy (restitutiepolis) compensates 100 %. If in doubt ask your health insurance provider, to avoid unpleasant surprises. You may have to click through a number of pages on their website to get to the page with adequate information.

In order to be eligible for total (or partial) reimbursement by your basic health insurance for specialized medical care you need a referral from your GP or specialist. Children need a referral from their GP only, since one of the B12 Institute staff members is a pediatrician.

During the first telephone interview (pre-intake) we will discuss our care programme and provide any relevant information (e.g. about health insurance providers). We will also check if B12 Institute is the right place for you.

After the next telephone interview (intake) you will receive an email from us, with information on fees and costs and possibly your diagnosis-code. You can take this information to your health insurance provider, mentioning that you wish to go to the Rotterdam B12 Institute, AGB-code 22220908, and not to any other care provider, to avoid being given the wrong answers.

Here is some more information on health insurance policies.

Contracted care policy (Naturapolis)

When you have a contracted care policy you will almost certainly be obligated to pay part of your invoice yourself. Read the details in your policy to find out what your rights are.

Non-contracted care policy  (Restitutiepolis)

A non-contracted care policy gives you full reimbursement from your health insurance provider. Sometimes you may need to pay the invoice in advance, but that will later be refunded by your health insurance.  

Combination policy

A combination policy gives you compensation for certain kinds of care. Your health insurance may have made reimbursement-commitments with specific care providers. In that case you have a partially contracted care policy (see Non-contracted care policy).


The invoice will be sent to your address, at least three months after the start of your care programme (starting with the first consultation). On receiving the invoice you can present it to your health insurance provider. If necessary we will send you another invoice after six months, in accordance with the legal time demarcations for care programmes.

Our website provides information on fees and DOT/DBC. After your intake interview you will also be emailed this information.