It concerns uncontracted care.

The B12 Institute has an independent WTZi decision (Law Authorisation of Care Institution) of the CIGB for the provision of medical specialist care. Our specialists provide care from the basic insurance, as recorded by the Zorg Instituut Nederland: diagnosing and excluding the disease Pernicious Anaemia/ Addison Biermer’s Disease.


We have not established any contracts with the health insurers, but because the free choice of doctor is regulated by law, you can get your invoices reimbursed depending on the policy. Please note that the reimbursements are at your own risk, as does the care you receive from other clinics or hospitals.

With a natura policy, you will receive a fee of a certain percentage of the average contracted or market-concom rate. So that differs per health insurer: please ask!

PLEASE NOTE: the percentage is therefore not the percentage of the amount mentioned in the account. So ask your health insurer about the net reimbursement! So what you will be reimbursed from our invoice.

Ask your health insurer at all times, so that you are not faced with surprises.

In order to be eligible for full (or partial) reimbursement from basic medical specialist care insurance, a referral from the GP or specialist is required. This also applies to the referral of children. A referral from the GP is sufficient, as a paediatrician works at the B12 Institute.

During a pre-intake by phone with you, where you have signed up, we will discuss what our care trajectory entails and provide you with relevant information. Of course, we also check whether you are in the right place with us.

After this pre-intake interview, you will receive an email from us within a few days. In it you will find information about our prices and the diagnostic code. You can use this information to talk to your health insurer. Please note that you want to go to the B12 Institute in Rotterdam, with AGB code 22220908, and not to another healthcare provider; otherwise you may receive an incorrect answer.

Below you will find more information about the healthcare policies.

Natura Policy

With a Natura Policy, you almost certainly have to pay part of the costs stated on the invoice yourself. In your policy you can read exactly what you are entitled to.

Refund Policy

With a Refund policy, you can submit the invoice entirely to the health insurer. In some cases, you must first advance the bill yourself. You will then receive an amount back from the insurer.

Combination policy

With a Combination Policy, you are entitled to reimbursement for some forms of care. Your healthcare provider may have made arrangements with specific healthcare providers for the refund section. In that case, there is a partially contracted policy (see the explanation above at ‘Refund Policy’).


The invoice will be sent to you. Then submit the invoice to your health insurer. You will receive the invoice at least three months after the start of the care process (after the first consultation). If applicable, you will receive an invoice after six months. This has to do with the legal time demarkation of care pathways.

On our website you will find the rates and information about the DOT/DBC. After your pre-intake on the phone when signing up, you will also receive all this information in an email.