B12 Institute (in full: B12 Research Institute & Treatment Center) is a Zelfstandig Behandelcentrum (ZBC) – Independent Treatment center – with an independent WTZi-beschikking (Admission of Health care institutions Act licence) and provides specialized outpatient care that is covered by basic healthcare insurance.

What does that mean for a patient starting a treatment programme?

B12 Institute provides healthcare covered by basic healthcare insurance. We offer regular treatment. Since we provide non-contracted care, the amount of compensation depends on your policy. For more information please see: Info Betreffende Zorgverzekeraar

We will send you your invoice more or less three months after your first intake, when your first three-month period of Diagnosis Treatment Combination (DBC) has ended. That is the time we are allowed to invoice you according to the Dutch Healthcare authority (NZa) guidelines.

We recommend to ask your insurance company what the procedures are, in order not to face unpleasant financial surprises. Our confirmation email will list all costs accurately, as well as the diagnosis-codes to submit to your insurance company. No suprises there for you!

If you need to telephone your insurance company about compensations, please give them these details:

Our AGB-code: 22-220908

Careproducts: 039999010 of 039999015

Do you need a referral from your GP or specialist?

You will always need a referral to make an appointment for specialist medical care and hospital care. At the moment we are looking into the possibility to apply for a consultation without referrals. This also applies for persons with a foreign health insurance.

You have signed up. Will you be treated immediately?

Not everybody can be treated at the same time. We will consider the urgency and – of course – referrals (which are required). 

Please click here for actual waiting times: Wachttijden eerste intake

You are being treated – are you still welcome?

You are welcome at our institute, also when you are being treated elsewhere.

Can you sign up your child?

That will be no problem. Entire families visit our surgery. Referrals by your GP (or specialist) for each separate family member are required.

Do you need to be diagnosed with B12 deficiency or rather not, before visiting B12 Institute?

It doesn’t matter if you already have a diagnosis or are being treated by another specialist. We can help you to determine or rule out B12 deficiency, and check whether you are receiving the right treatment. We also look at important co-factors. You are also welcome to ask us for a second opinion.

What happens with your personal data after having submiited them in your preliminary registration?

These data will only be used by B12 Institute employees, giving them the possibility to contact you and make appointments. Your privacy is guaranteed.

Where is B12 Institute located?

The institute is located at Metroplein 90, 3083 BB Rotterdam. That is directly behind shopping center Zuidplein, so easily accessible by public transport (subway, tram, bus) and car (parking garage 60 meters away).

Our advice to get treatment at B12 Institute when you have serious symptoms cannot be overemphasized. We recommend contacting your GP for a referral to a specialist.

Patient support groups can give you additional information: https://b12-institute.nl/patientenorganisaties-en-websites-info-voor-artsen-en-patienten/

We shall keep you informed and thank you for your understanding.