A small healthcare organization such as B12 Institute, with only few employees, does not have the capacity to perform independent research into calamities and incidents, or handle complaints responsibly. Since these are important issues we appointed somebody who is specialized and experienced in this area on January 1, 2018, somebody we can call on at all times:

Sonja Oomkens, founder and owner of Veiliger Zorg (veiligerzorg.nl). Oomkens worked as a physiotherapist and manual therapist at Diakonessenhuis, Utrecht for twenty years.  From 2000 -2003 she worked as a quality officer at Nederlands Genootschap voor Fysiotherapie (Dutch College of Physiotherapists). From 2003 – 2017 she worked  as a quality officer at Primair Huisartsenposten, with patient security as her focus area.

She was trained by Dorien Zwart, GP and chairperson at the Primair MIP-committee. Sonja Oomkens obtained a PHD on the subject of Incident melden in de huisartsgeneeskunde (Reporting an incident in general medical practice). She did all that in order to educate the seven Primair VIM-committees. She founded her company Veiliger Zorg in 2011, to be able to share her knowledge with others.

We are happy that we will be able to call on Mrs Oomkens’ expertise whenever nessecary.