Telephone: for new patients with a referral

New patients can telephone us on 010-7370675 from Tuesday till Friday, from 10 – 12 am. Exceptions: (bank) holidays and special days that are mentioned on this page. If the line is engaged you will be put on hold and hear how many people are waiting.  We will try and help those who apply for a consultation during the first telephone conversation. We will start by checking if they have applied at the right place. Note that these first talks will take considerable time. We kindly ask for your understanding if the waiting times are longer than expected. We lack the means to serve several telephones at the same time. 

We will not provide medical advice during our telephone conversation with (potential) patients, you need to see a doctor first. You are allowed to ask whether your GP or specialist can email us any questions they have.

Information for doctors / Referral by way of link below is the B12 Institute ‘care’- email account, for secure communication between care providers. It can be used for patient referrals. this email address is for general information (and peer consultation) for doctors, specialists, GP’s, chemists and psychologists. Health insurance companies with questions are welcome here, too.

Please add your BIG registration number and your telephone number in the email. This email address should only be used to request telefone consultation or general information. Please do not send sensitive patient-information to this email address. 

FAX-Nummer: 010-3036738: for chemists.

Information for the press

Contact  pers@b12-institute(punt)nl. Please send a copy of your press card as an attachment to your email.

Information for patients

The email addresses listed above cannot be used by new patients or their relatives with questions about their health, treatment or symptoms. For that reason these emails will not be answered. After their consultation’our’patients will be given an email address that can be used for communication with the Institute.

Se also: Registration for patients: how does it work?

Address: Metroplein 90, 3083 BB Rotterdam

The B12 Institute is located on the third floor. We are open by appointment only.