Passionate, loyal and conscentious are words that describe Chèr Birsak excellently. As a teamplayer she doesn’t only take into account the patients’ interests , but also those of her fellow workers . In her work the emphasis lies on quality and communication. Her determiniation and curiosity help her to solve unusual problems. Working with people is and remains her passion, which makes her a great fit for our B12 Institute team.

After her registration as a general internist in 2005 Chèr Birsak specialised as an intensivist. In that capacity she worked at Erasmus MC Rotterdam and  Havenziekenhuis. She also trained as an internist at Delft Reinier de Graaf Hospital and VU Medical Centre in Amsterdam.

In 2017 Chèr Birsak was temporarily employed as acting internist at B12 Institute. From November 2018 onwards she has been back to help us ‘dig deep’ into the entire B12 issue. Welcome back, doctor Birsak!