The B12 Research Group is a (international) joint venture and a platform for researchers, doctors, nutritionists, clinical chemists and bio-medical specialists, as well as a seperate department withing the B12 Institute. The researchers are specialists in the field of one-carbon metabolism, B vitamins, homocysteine, molecular genetics, nutrition science, and/or have clinical practice experience. They are all official members and meet several times a year as a group, online or during relevant (inter)national conferences. If necessary, they confer in smaller or larger groups.

The main aim of the B12 Research Group is: international cooperation, exchanging scientific information and clinical collaboration in order to maximise  B12 and folate deficiency diagnosis and treatment.

The B12 Research Group – members work on an unpaid basis and are independent. The group is not funded in any way by other parties.


  • Michael Felix FenechPh.D.

Professor, Research Group Leader The CSIR Research Organisation, Division of Animal, Food and Health Science, Canberra, Queensland, Australia. Focus: Molecular genetics and Metabolism.

  • Jesse F. Gregory IIIPh.D.

Professor, Department Food Science, Human Nutrition, University of Florida. Focus: B vitamins (esp.vitamins B6 and B12, and folate) and the function of B vitamins in human nutrition.

  • Sacha de Lathouder, Ph.D.  
  • Has found a new position in Amsterdam! Good luck, Sacha and thank you for being part of our team.


  • Baukje de Boer, BSc

Master Nutrition science, Health Science. Focus: nutrition, education.

  • Clara Plattel 

Initiator, director B12 Institute. Focus: normal values serum B12 / MMA, children under 20.

  • Drs. Versteeg, kinderarts

Focus: complaints among children and normal values.

  • Drs. Heerdink, internist, specialised in tropical medicine.
  • Drs. Birsak, internist, specialised in intensive care.
  • Drs. Benimadho, internist.

The B12 Research Group is also advised by the Medical and Scientific Advisory Board on the content and the development of future research and in that role participates in some B12 Research Group meetings.