Adres B12 Institute

Metroplein 90, 3083 BB Rotterdam

We are only open by appointment.

The B12 Institute is located on the south side of the Zuidplein shopping centre. It is very easy to reach by public transport: train, metro, tram and the regional buses.


The institute is very easy to reach by car. If you drive via the A15, follow the direction of Ahoy from the south.

Do you use a route planner? Type ‘Twentestraat 104‘ as destination, not ‘Metroplein 90‘. See also: google/maps

There is ample parking under the Zuidplein shopping centre, which is located north of the polyclinic. The parking garage is called ‘Q Park Hart van Zuid’ and is 80 metres away from the B12 Institute.

If you are not mobile, you can get off or park at the Sallandweg in the disabled parking lot in the square in front of the institute. There is also the bus station. Don’t drive too far under the Zuidplein shopping centre – then you will drive past us. 

In front of our door is a parking space for disabled people (see the yellow shading in the photo on this page). If you do not have a disabled parking ticket, you can drop someone off here and then park the car under Zuidplein. From the garage you walk back to the bus station and the practice is on your left.

Preferably not in the parking garage up to the shopping centre, you will end up in a maze of shopping paths that will make it difficult to find our Institute (it is not indicated on the signs in the shopping centre).


From Rotterdam and the surrounding area you can take the metro lines D and E (Randstadrail). They stop at the Metroplein. From Lansingerland you can reach us by metro within 20 minutes. From the Hague region, the journey takes about 35 minutes.

If you get off at (metro) station Zuidplein, walk towards the lift (direction south, direction Ahoy). You take the elevator to street level or go down with two (roll-) stairs. Once below you will see diagonally to the left across the square (about 50 metres away), the sign ‘Offices Metro Square‘, where the entrance to our outpatient clinic is. Ring the bell and we will open the door for you. On the 3rd floor we will open the door for you again after which you can take a seat in the waiting room.


Many bus lines from the Rijnmond region have their start and end point on our doorstep.


Take the train to Rotterdam Central Station, and then switch to the metro (line D or E) or the tram. Get off at Zuidplein stop and continue the route as described above.

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