In search of a better diagnosis and treatment of B12 deficiency, Clara Plattel has been building an (inter) national network of specialists, clinical chemists and nutritional scientists with years of experience in university research in the same field since 2013. At international scientific conferences, on topics such as “1C metabolism” and “Methylation & transsulfuration pathway”, she is expanding her network, which has resulted in collaborations and knowledge exchange at an international level.

B12 Institute

To integrate clinical chemistry and clinical practical experience research results, she founded the B12 Institute at the end of 2016. This institute positions itself as an (international) center of expertise for diagnosis and treatment of B12 (and Folate) deficiency and can now boast extensive experience in the treatment of 2,600 patients, including 500 children.

B12 Institute Research Foundation

At the end of 2019, Plattel took the initiative to establish the B12 Institute Research Foundation, with which research into the causes and consequences of B12 deficiency can be intensified, with the main goal of developing adequate guidelines and a “patient-centered treatment”.

Optimization of patient care

Plattel’s secondary goal is to optimize patient care: to take more time for patients, to provide proper monitoring and follow-up, and practice whole-person healthcare. In this way, B12 Institute team is working to speed up the recovery process.