Gabriela Hawidinoto wins the Johan Grievink PSE Award for outstanding thesis: “Design of treatment protocol to improve the health of B12 deficient patients”.

This project is a collaborative project between Delft University of Technology (Peter Daudey) and the B12 Institute (Clara Plattel) who acted as supervisors. Kim Suijker of the B12 Institute Research Foundation was also involved in the project. The thesis is a Post-Master study and goes more deeply into chemistry. The challenge for Gabriela was to focus on clinical chemistry. In this she has amply succeeded. The process took two years.

Last spring, Gabriela Hadiwinoto’s PD-Eng Project “Design of treatment protocol to improve the health of B12 deficient patients” was completed. We’ve been working together for a year, almost all online because of the COVID-19 crisis. TU Delft (including Peter Daudey, supervisor) and Clara Plattel (supervisor) of the B12 Institute have nominated her thesis for the “Announcement of the Johan Grievink PSE Award winner for an outstanding PDEng thesis in PSE”.

The project investigates different hypotheses at intra- and intercellular level, and how we can improve the health of patients even more, at the start and during the recovery process, which always takes a long time. The established research protocol of Medical Ethics Committees requires (of course!) that we first request permission to test these hypotheses in a clinical context through follow-up research. It is therefore completely unethical to share the results at this time because we do not know what possible side effects could be.

It’s great that Gabriela’s thesis has been chosen as the best of her year from various Technical Universities. A deserved winner, partly because of her excellent communication skills and the possible impact that the results of this research can have on the recovery of patients.

We hope to be able to test the preliminary results in the future via the B12 institute Research Foundation and thus make the health of patients with a B12 deficiency a bit better and more bearable! We hope for your support via

The B12 Institute and the B12 Institute Research Foundation work together with various universities, including the Erasmus MC Department of Clinical Chemistry and the Delft University of Technology.